About Tony Redman

Tony paints because he wants to paint. It is a compulsion for him. He often feels an urge to capture on paper a fleeting moment or a satirical comment and usually carries a paint box and paper around with him. It has curiously become more important to him since joining the ordained ministry of the Anglican church in 2003. His painting heroes include Paul Hogarth, Mark Cazalet, Lydia Corbett (alais Sylvette David), John Piper, Rowland Hill, Edward Seago and local Bury painter John Clibbon.

Largely self-taught, Tony’s art reflects his fascination with buildings and structures, both ordinary and quirky, and his love of watercolour and ink. Many of his paintings are Suffolk subjects, and others painted on holidays all over Europe and they are mostly sketched and painted in the open air.

Born in 1951, he passed his “A Level” in fine art before he sat his “O levels” in English and Maths and a few other subjects, but decided that a career in Town Planning offered a potentially more lucrative career than that of an artist.

Realising just in time that Planning didn’t have a very good press and that he wanted to be more “hands on” with buildings and people, he qualified as a Chartered Building Surveyor and later as a conservation accredited historic buildings consultant. Throughout his later professional career, he specialised in historic buildings and was a partner in the Bury St Edmunds based firm of Architects and Surveyors: Whitworth LLP, before becoming their consultant in 2016.

  • Felixstowe

    Back in 2017 I realised that a large proportion of my time was spent on the A14 travelling behind a container lorry....

  • Romania - Archbishops house, Timisoara


    I love Romania. The country, the people, the food, Timisoara is where the Romanian revolution began, when the Baptist pa...

  • Suffolk - Claydon Fertilizer Factory

    Claydon fertilizer factory

    I looked at this building from the train. You can not get a good view of it from any other angle. ...

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