Paintings are always intimate expressions of how the painter sees a subject and the artist through the media seeks to share their own shares their own insights without any expectation of sharing such with others. What other people see in the images is often different, and serendipitous. So a commission will often interpret a view or the object in a way which opens up different feelings to the viewer than they might be expecting. Tony is always happy to accept commissions, for which he will usually charge between £400 and £1000 depending on size and complexity, ex frame and mount and delivery costs. He does not charge VAT. He agrees the price in advance, on the basis that it is only charged if the commissioner is happy with the outcome. The money is then requested in advance of despatch.

Currently, commissions and purchases of Tony’s hang in homes in Suffolk and Norfolk, Kent and Sussex, France, Romania and South Africa

Bury gaol door

Bury Gaol (door)

Cathedral tower view west

Cathedral Tower West Spring

Cathedral tower view east

Catheral tower east autumn

Cathedral tower view south

Cathedral Tower South Winter

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