Romania - Archbishops house, Timisoara

I love Romania. The country, the people, the food, Timisoara is where the Romanian revolution began, when the Baptist pastor was told he wasn’t allowed to take up his post. The people revolted, the army was sent in with the coal miners and there was a standoff. The rest is history. It is an industrial town really. It is famous for its beer and its wine. In the heart of the town, the Serbian Orthodox Archbishop’s residence was an extraordinary sight. Looking more like a child’s decorated birthday cake than a real building, its style defies definition. On top of all that it has seen better days, and when I sketched it in 2018 it was certainly looking as if it could do with some TLC. There is something about faded grandeur which attracts me. Timisoara now celebrates its freedom and the part it played in unlocking the freedom of others.

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